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The Authors Guild

Do you crave adventure? Do you seek grand treasures? Power? Fame? Heck, even a toilet? Well then, the Authors Guild is your kind of place then! Join TODAY! We might throw in free chocolate if you do.

Name: Plokman
Age: 14 (In Human years)
Species: Robosapien
Abilities: Shape-shifting, Over Soul, Guns, Swords and Technomancy
Bio: Plokman was born from a work-bot created by a magi-tech lab. One day he was working in a lab and out of nowhere a virus downloads into him through the Wi-Fi system. The Virus was empowered by the latent magic in the facility. Plokman gained free will and was attacked due to it by the monks of the facility who thought he was rouge. They permanently damaged his face but he escaped. Despite this he is still willing to live as close to humans as possible without giving up his robot heritage. Plokman does odd jobs and such but enjoys helping for the greater good. Due to his odd jobs he usually has money.
Name: Xero Horatio Hedgehog
Age: 21
Species: Animus Hedgehog
Abilities: Shadow elemental powers, Shadow walking, Engineering and above average intelligence.
Bio: Xero is a old friend of Plokman's. He has been on many continents for engineering research and he can repair almost any type of tech. He was born with Shadow Element he was at a time a bit of a outcast since most think Shadow is a evil power. His shadow walk ability allows him to use shadows like tunnels and teleport to any place he has been before as long as there is a shadow there. Xero is a bit reluctant to be the Guild's engineer but he knows hes the best for the job till Datz gets home.
Name: Komali
Age: Unknown
Species: Golem Guardian
Abilities: Axe fighting, Elemental powers, and shields
Bio: Komali is a guardian of the guild charged with his duty and life by the first guild master. He is a part of the guild and is not able to leave the town that surrounds it or else the guild will be weakened. He is loyal to all who are in the guild and will help them if needed. He is also a teacher and has knowledge of many types of combat.
Name: Marcus M
Age: 16
Species: Animus Chimera
Abilities: Amplified Animal Abilities (Which can lead to acting animalistic at times), Creation and Manipulation of fire and other heat related things.
Bio: Marcus was born from a long line of politics. He was the young mayor of a town called Ericius. However, because of his scrambled DNA (Which also lead to his heat powers.), due to lots of crossbreeding from his family, he was a little bit crazy, and renamed the town "Pancake Town". The town decided that as much as they liked him despite his slight craziness, he needed to take a leave until he got better.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Name: Dim Giovonni Gloomba
Age: 56
Species: Gloomba (Goomba Subspecies)
Abilities: Mob Boss, Guns, Minions, Leadership
Bio: The head leader of the infamous Goomba Mob. There's not much to know about him due to security reasons.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Name: The Goons (Vinny, Lenny, & Mitch)
Age: 21, 18, 24
Species: Gloomba, Mob Guy (Shy Guy), Koopa Troopa
Abilities: Weapon Experts, Teamwork, Stooges
Bio: Dim's main Henchmen. these three are a comedic bunch as they sometimes have trouble doing the most simplest of tasks they are however very loyal to dim and will do everything they can to make him happy.
 photo gif4_zps30e1bc64.png Name: Marley Proctor
Age: 13
Species: Fox
Abilities: None so far
Bio: Marley is a fox from a place called 'Mobiuse' who has anger issues. His Anger problem has caused him to harm those precocious to him; so he lives alone. When he isn't angry however, he's a pretty cool guy to hangout with; and he tends to make friends easily. He doesn't have a reason for being a hero, he just likes to fight.
Name: Jonathon Treadwell (But he prefers Jerry)
Age: 24
Species: Human...?
Abilities: Unpredictable magic, hand-to-hand combat, magically enhanced body.
Bio: Born into a family of mages and warriors, Jerry was groomed from birth to be a hero. After years of training and preparation he set out at the young age of 15 to fulfill his destiny. He became widely known when he defeated the evil Space-Dracula and foiled his plan to shroud the world in darkness. High-spirited, kindhearted, whimsical and- at times- rather hammy, many describe him as an eccentric but many also say he’s a complete lunatic.
Name: Rockin Blake Monad
Age: 19
Species: Hedgehog
Abilities: PSI/PK User (Thunder, Fire, Teleport, Beam, and Star-storm. Star-storm only able to be used as a last ditch move, or when mad.) Decent speed, decent hand-to-hand fighter.
Bio: Rockin is one of few hedgehogs who has the ability to use PSI. He trained himself to use the powers (with some PSI scrolls as help) and is very good at them. He however, is a real jokester and messes around WAY more than he should. He does know when it is time to fight, but tends to still joke around in battle. His PSI powers are very useful in battle, since he is a smart battler, believe it or not.
Name: Kat
Age: 13
Species: Puffball
Abilities: Basically imagine the fighting abilities of Fighter Kirby.
Bio: Kat is rather friendly and a bit random. He dislikes serious people and being serious. He ended up at Hawtorn by complete accident and now the others are stuck with him until he can get home. He often spends time making his comics, and engaging in goofy antics with the authors. He's also afraid of spiders.

Past Members of the Guild

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Name: Trevor Crible Hounder
Age: 18
Species: Powelian (Powersapien)
Abilities: Uses gems to have different elemental powers
Bio: Trevor was born on Earth thinking part of his life that he was human. After a call of destiny, he learned that he was an alien, and went to save the planet from his archenemy COPY. He is usually silly, but at times he can be serious.
Name: Saint Benjamin
Age: 30
Species: Mole
Abilities: White Light Manipulation (Healing and fighting), Resurrection (conditions need to be met)
Bio: Once growing up in a small mountain village, and after hitting his becoming of age, Benjamin became a wondering monk, going from places to place and healing any of those who need and training to master his skills. Upon hearing of this guild, Benjamin set his sight on joining for the thrill of adventuring.
Name: Gigi Izturiga
Age: 22
Species: Animus Damselfly
Abilities: Magical metallurgy ("Forgemancy") with limited pyromancy and geomancy, and remarkable strength
Bio: Gigi is a graduate of Academy of Magical Armaments and Gears Engineers (MAGE), and has been looking to start a guild of her own. With her trusty wrench, Cassandra, and her other femininely-named gadgets, Gigi's set out to discover what it means to be part of an adventuring guild.
Name: Anthony Mal Smith
Age: 25
Species: Human
Abilities: Mining, crafting, magic/spells, marksman and manipulating.
Bio: Born into a life of awkwardness, Anthony brought upon himself to make him stand out from his family by studying the art of magic, the gemstones he collects and his talent of 'crafting'. With a tricky mind and attitude, people say he's a genius while others say he's quite the troublemaker.


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